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yup- this is me!

Oh hey there-

Look at you clicking on my link. You made it here- so that's already a great start to being friends. If you haven't already seen copious amounts of social media broadcasting and well, the headline to my website, my name is NoraKate. Technically, it’s Nora but that’s a bigger story. First off, I'm glad you're here! And hope you are too. This is the first blog of many in which I hope to dive into discussion about my business, the world, controversial topics and my favorite parts of life; kindness, love and creativity. Maybe a photo or two of our dog Obi for shits and giggles. A little about me: I was born and raised in the sweet little town of McMinnville Oregon. Back before it was a hustling wine country metropolis, it was my quiet cozy haven. Now, still living amongst the vines and tourists- it is my joy to call McMinnville not only my home, but the home to many friends, clients, companies and my beloved coffee shop which so kindly houses me during my “I really need to do work but need to get out of the house” type of office days. Throughout my teenage years, I was fortunate enough to spark an interest for the wine industry which is easy to do around here in wine country. My Mum began working for R. Stuart and Co Winery, where I too became a staff member at the age of 15. Too young for any real winery work- I was given the crucial task of refilling the cheese board during our events (most likely where my addiction to charcuterie boards comes from). Slowly gaining more tasks around the warehouse and office from collating packets and packing wine to bottling line and endless cleaning. The day after my 18th birthday, my first bar backing shift began. Like many teenagers, I worked several retail, service and hospitality jobs while always keeping R. Stuart in my back pocket. I’m not sure where it all began, but before I knew it, I found myself working several summers as a part of numerous catering crews and for private chefs serving at weddings, wineries, parties and the International Pinot Noir Celebration. Soon becoming a tasting room associate for R. Stuart and Co. my fascination for the wine industry evolved and initiated my desire to work with those in the trade. Expediting you through a lifetime of stories- I began my college years with the idea of becoming an event planner, focusing within the wine industry. Completing my education from Western Oregon University with a degree in Communication Studies and Hospitality and Event Management.

Like many people, I took my time pondering life. Trying new things, meeting new people, traveling a bit, getting a dog- you know, the basic things. One day, after years of saying “ I think I want to do this?” and all my friends and family saying “YES, FINALLY!! Go Nora Go!” I sat down, created a mediocre business plan and a logo. To no surprise- there it sat for a little longer. To also what is probably no surprise- I am a detailed planner (comes with the trade). I think of every small detail possible which unfortunately can lead to the common ailments of positive procrastination. I thought of every possible reason to and not to start my business. It wasn’t until the simple wise words of my dear friend Mary (who also had her own business) said “why not?” So here we are, because why not! Like all of you- I’m simply human. I misspell things, I don’t have all the answers, I fail, I cuss a bit. But at least I tried, and I am so thankful I did. I have been incredibly fortunate to learn from amazing event coordinators and chefs over the years who have encouraged me to this very day. I continue to work with amazing clients and businesses who trust in me to produce an outstanding event. I constantly learn (take notes about it) and try and try again. I get up, work my ass off, do what I love, make friends along the way and produce a living out of it all in one. And for that, I am forever grateful. I’m excited to write more, share more, and give more. If you'd like to follow along- follow me on Instagram!

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget the way you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou Cheers,


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